Shongai packaging industry Ltd was incorporated in 1977 but commenced production in 1981. The company was initially conceived to produce plastic crates and beer labels. Shongai has mainly four (4) manufacturing division:

Injection Moulding Division
Blow Moulding Division (Extrusion Blow & Injection Blow)
Label Printing Division
Crate printing /Container Printing Division

Injection Moulding Division:

This division is having 27 different capacity machines, ranging from 100 tons to 850 tons and is used for the production of Crates, Paint Container, Enclosures (cap), Domestic items and Industrial special products.


Our main business is Crate production. Shongai is the biggest manufacturer of quality Crates from PP or HDPE with UV stabilized materials. We manufacture various sizes & shapes of crates- 12, 18 and 24 bottles crates- Our production capacity is up to 18,000 crates per day and all crates manufactured and tested as per international standards in our well-equipped lab.

Crate Materials:

1. All crates materials use UV Stabilized injection grade PP & HDPE materials used but some special materials are also used as per customer’s requirements.
2. Master Batches: All Master Batches (colour Agent) are used as per customer’s requirements & UV Stabilized procured from reputed and approved suppliers.
3. Quality Standards: All our crates are manufactured as per international quality standards and tested according to international standards and ISO standards in our lab.

Crate Decoration (Printing):

Shongai has the best crate printing facility. All crates printed by screen printing manually and machine printing. Printing capacity is up to 15,000 crates per day depending on colour combination. We can print up to 10 colour printing.

Hot stamping:

Shongai has Hot Stamping facility for special jobs as per customer’s requirements.
Hot Stamping is good for only single colour. Hot Stamping used special colour foil and on special machines.

Industrial Injection Moulded Product:

Apart from Crates, we have the best facility to produce Industrial Moulded Products like- Paint Containers, different types of enclosures (caps/covers), storage crates, screw caps, welding shield etc. All above items are manufactured from special graded materials.

Domestic Moulded Items:

Different types of basins, laundry baskets, drums, chairs (Folding/ Monoblock), trays etc.

Customerized Products:

We provide services for valuable customer for job work as per their requirements.

Blow Moulded Division:

At present, Shongai is having 9 different capacity Extrusion Blow Moulded machines equipped with Moog technology. These machines are mainly used to produce Jerry cans- 1 litre to 50 litres, different shapes & sizes of bottles, Coolers, Jars and special blow products. All Blow products are leak testing on-line.

We have injection Blow Moulded machines to manufacture cosmetics jars of different shapes and sizes. Shongai cosmetic jars are well expected by our valuable customer because of its best quality and tamperproof concept.


Shongai used to produce and supply to Sona Group Company with one machine of 6 colours but during last years, we have brought additional 2 machines- 10 colour and 8 colours to double the capacity to fulfill the demand and book new 10 colour. Windmoller machine from Germany with 1.2 metre printing width.

Label Cutting & Punching:

To get mass production and accurate sizes & shapes, Shongai brought 2 special  machine known as Label cutting & punching machine Blumer. These two machines are completely automatic from striping to punching & bundling labels. Because of these machines, production level has gone up high and products produced are highly accurate.

We can supply Glue labels all sizes & shapes to export market. Shongai is also planning to produce sticker labels in due course.

Container Printing:

Shongai has container printing facility from 65gm to 20 litre and from 4 colour to 6 colour UV printing on moss machine. We do take printing contracts.

We use injection molding as well as blow molding, with the sophisticated machineries, which are imported from countries like France, Germany.

We recently awarded the prestigious ISO 9001/2000 certificate by the Standard Organization of Nigeria. Our moto is Quality is our Culture

Our products are Plastic Crates, Cosmetic Jars, 20Ltr, 4Ltr Paint Containers, Storage crates, 35Ltr Basin, Yoghurt bottles, Plastic Chairs, Plastic Tables and also bottle labels.