Shongai set to build pallet plant, boosts demand

Shongai Packaging Industry Limited has announced it is ready to install another production plant for its plastic pallet to meet its local and export demands.

This was disclosed by the Group Managing Director, Ajai Musaddi, during the unveiling of its plastic pallet consignment meant for export.

He said, “We are here today because we have a world-class standard plastic pallet product that we are exporting to Ghana and other ECOWAS markets.

“Today we are exporting only eight containers and we have a projection that we would export 200 containers this year. The plastic pallet market demand has been increasing in the last two years, and we are preparing to put up another plant by the end of April this year.”

According to Musaddi, the company’s product is made from local materials.

He stated, “We don’t import anything to produce it. We recycle plastic materials picked on the streets. We have a lot of unemployed people who go about collecting broken plastics from garbage and we collect them through different collection centres, bringing them to our plant where we clean them properly before they are used for production.”

He explained that the government policy on the use of plastic pallets for food and pharmaceutical production companies has influenced the demand in the market.

He said, “When you put food items or pharmaceutical products on a wooden pallet, it can be contaminated. Insects do not affect plastic pallets and you can wash and clean it when there is the need.”

Representing the Ogun State Governor, the Director-General, Ogun State Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency, Mr Olakunle Amoo, said the state government was committed to its economic agenda on the partnership between the public and the private sector as it is the private sector that drives the economy.

Amoo, who is also a Special Adviser to the Governor, said, “We are aware of your achievement, and we are proud of it, and we take it as our achievement to take Nigerian products to the world.”

Also speaking at the event, the Executive Chairman, Ado-Odo Ota Local Government Council, Sheriff Musa, said, “I am happy because as the company is growing more youths are employed in our community. It means that once the new plant is installed more of our youths will also have opportunities to work in Ado-Odo Ota.”